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Learn about our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Team


To help our clients achieve their dreams by leveraging our expertise in accounting, consulting, and tax services.


Our main focus is supporting our clients through a personalized experience designed to meet their accounting and tax service needs.  We maintain a standard of excellence and integrity in all that we do.  Growth and innovation enable us to continue to increase the value we bring to our clients. 

About Us




Our firm provides detailed client service highly trained professionals using top-tier technology and security systems.  The firm’s boutique nature allows us to strategically support a clientele base with which we can build and sustain a long-term partnership.  Success for us is when we are viewed as an extension of our client’s team.  We aim to provide value, expertise, and a great experience to our clients by listening to better understand their needs and ensure their accounting and tax matters are handled properly – so they can focus on their craft.


Our firm recognizes the importance of being present in the moments that matter with those who matter the most.  The team is composed of individuals who value work and life balance.  We achieve this goal by allowing remote work arrangements and flexible schedules that we can leverage to appreciate all life has to offer while balancing the needs of our clients.  We acknowledge we are in a very demanding profession; therefore, team members work together to ensure client needs are met through communication and accountability when flexibility is required. Our client needs are our priority; so, team support is very important for our firm to thrive.  


Our firm aims to stay progressive and current as the world continues to advance and we continue to grow.  We encourage innovative ideas to enhance our processes, technology, and strategies.  As we strive to use the best accounting and tax software, the firm will continue to explore new programs and tools that will give our clients and firm a competitive edge.  Annual leadership and technical training are integral for our team members to stay abreast of new developments and changes in accounting principles and tax laws.  


Core Values


Catrice 1.jpg

Catrice James, CPA

Managing Partner

Managing Shareholder

Alicia 1.jpg

Alicia Hernandez

Executive Assistant / Tax Staff


Bria McCollum


Our Team
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